een kleine test met Shine & Glaze + CQUK


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Op een ander forum volgt Craig van Carpro UK ook dit topic. Daarbij reageerde hij op het feit dat Bodyguard (resin based coating) last had na de hoge dosis reset.
Misschien wel interessnt voor velen

CarPro UK;123657 zei:
A resin base may explain the issues, with reset, strong dilutions should only be used on crystalising coatings such as our Cquartz Classic, Cquartz UK Edition, Cquartz DLUX and Cquartz Finest. (in normal dilution it's safe on all coatings, and for wax safe shampoo you should double the dilution, so 400:1 for coatings strong wash, 600:1 for normal maintenance, 1000:1-1200:1 for waxes) This also depends on the water in your area.

For example in Scotland we require less reset per wash than in England, due to the water quality and different treatments used the detergents and the foaming agent typically perform higher in "soft water" (this is based on tap water, not filtered or DI/RO)

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