Productlancering: Bouncer's Black Series Flawless premium Carnauba wax


Vanavond is de nieuwste Premium Wax van Bouncer's gelanceerd. Hieronder is de exacte omschrijving van de fabrikant te vinden. Het aantal waxen is per reseller gelimiteerd en worden zo spoedig mogelijk bij ons afgeleverd. Mocht je interesse hebben dan kan de wax in de shop worden gereserveerd / aangekocht, maar wie het eerst komt....

Bouncers Black Series Flawless 200ml

Black Series 'Flawless' is Bouncer's new premium, classic, Carnauba blend featuring local direct filtered Beeswax from a Buckinghamshire Apiary which is then slowly hand grated in small volumes plus the highest amount of T1 grade Carnauba that Bouncer's have used to date in a blend.

A fusion of Organic Coconut oils additionally mixed with Bouncer's magic. It is a fully natural 'Original Old School' blend. What it will offer is the use of a splendid premium blend with absolutely no fillers that will give you an amazing carnauba glossy finish with a slick after feel. A 'Special Use wax' offering a time well honored and admired warm carnauba look. 'Flawless' in every respect. Durability of circa 2/3 months

The premium feel follows on with a unique Bouncer's specified, hand built luxury presentation box, which is black felt lined both inside and under the box to prevent damage and scratching. Full grain 100% Black Ash Wood, magnetic close and Barrel hinged container combined with it's unique build number by way of a special 'Black Series' Authenticity card. Featuring new classy foil over foil classic style labeling and brand new 200ml heavyweight widemouth jar. Each jar is upfilled so this volume is circa 217/227 of actual wax.

Bouncer's 'Flawless' owners will benefit from a price reduced refill option, to ensure that 'Flawless' is a wax for life. Details on this option are on the reverse of the authenticity card.

Please note, as Boxes are a solid grain wood, the grains will be different for each box.
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